Cabletow Issue No. 4

CABLETOW                 ISSUE NO.4                           12 JULY 2010

  1. WM Reaffirms Need To Improve Ritual Work

W Bro Robert Smith will continue to push for the proficiency of his officers in their ritual work during his term of office.

“This objective was started by W Bro Whippy and it can be achieved with a little more application by all concerned. Our moral and spiritual values are taught by a “series of ritual dramas which follow ancient forms” and are reflected in the way we open, enact and close the three degrees. To be proficient, every officer will have to learn and understand their lines, so to speak. There is no other option or shortcuts in this process”, he emphasised.

He continued: “The opening and closing in the three degrees is essentially a “trialogue” involving the WM, SW and JW. It will end beautifully if the prescribed sequence is followed. But anyone of us can cause unnecessary embarrassment and confusion if we don’t learn our lines.

“The SD and JD also have an important part to play when we have degree work, but quite often the quality of their work is affected by a sloppy start to our proceedings.

“I look forward to your cooperation.”

W Bro Robert Smith. WM

2. August Meeting

Our meeting on Monday, 16th August will be for the initiation of Mr. Andrew Naigulevu, a senior civil servant in the ITC Department.

Those directly participating in the ceremony apart from the WM and his officers are:

Charge after Investiture – W Bro Marc McElrath

Lesser Lights                  – VW Bro Ross McDonald

Signs & Secrets              – W Bro Mitchell Whippy

North East Corner          – W Bro S. Yaqona

Working Tools               – Bro Paul Henning

Charge after Initiation   – W Bro Arthur Smith

If you are unable to be at this meeting please call the Secretary immediately so he can find a suitable replacement.

Rehearsal will be at 5 pm on Thursday, August 12th. However anyone wishing to do a bit more practice prior to or after this date can contact me to use the Lodge for this purpose.

3. Book Of Constitutions

Three copies of the latest copy of our Constitutions (2009) is now available with the Secretary and it makes interesting reading. It has a total of 316 pages and covers both the craft and chapter and a special section on Grand Charity.

Since the formation of the United Grand Lodge of England, some 36 editions of these regulations have been published. The very first in 1815 and the latest in 2009,

The preamble to the contents includes the ancient charges and regulations to be read by the Secretary to the Master Elect. There are a total of 15 “promises” in the charges to be affirmed by the Master Elect.

There are a total of 280 rules in the book which covers everything from joining to resigning from a lodge and a section on appeals; visiting lodges and the duties of the JW and Tyler to prove visitors; use of collars and regalia and illustrations of jewels, chains, collars and aprons used in district, provincial and private lodges under the jurisdiction of the United Grand Lodge of England.

There is also a section which ranks officers of Grand Lodge from 1 to 90, the very first being the Grand Master his Royal Highness the Duke of Kent and the last in the file, an installed master or a past master.

4. Masonic Samaritan Fund

I picked up a copy of the booklet on The Central Masonic Charities which assist a wide range of causes in education, research, and care for masons and non-masons, the aged and people with disabilities. The latest Quarterly Communications indicated that over UK7 million pounds were given by the UGLE to help and fund a variety of charities in 2009.

Under the Masonic Samaritan Fund, one of 5 charities identified in the booklet, assistance is given to masons who and who are unable to afford their own private treatment, have an identified medical need and are waiting for treatment on the National Health Service

Help is available to masons who, at any time, have been initiated or joined a lodge under the English Constitution as well as for their partners and dependents.

Editor – W Bro Sitiveni Yaqona