Cabletow Issue No. 1

Cabletow                          Issue No. 1                                        2010


Meeting Dates To June

The following are the dates and times of rehearsals and meetings to June.

February: 11th/15th; March: 11th/15th; April: 15th/19th; May: 13th/17th; June: The June installation meeting is scheduled for the 3rd Saturday of the month which is June 19th. This date may change and you will be advised accordingly in the next newsletter.

.Rehearsals are held at 5.30 pm and meetings at 7.30pm. Please note these commitments in your diary.

Officers especially are asked to notify the WM or Secretary well ahead of time if you are unavailable for any meeting. This will allow the WM and the Secretary to look for a suitable replacement to assume your responsibilities.

A Winter Meeting in England

If you think that attending a Lodge meeting in Suva is difficult, then you ought to spare a thought for the brethren at Captain Cook Lodge on their 8th January meeting. WBro Tonkiss in an email to me last week spoke about the freezing conditions in England and added: “The snow finally cleared this week after lying around for a month but the temperature is still around freezing. The weather was so severe on the 8th Jan that I was unable to get to our Lodge meeting, it affected a lot of people – only 40 were able to attend out of 84 bookings! A shame for our Master on what is usually our most popular evening, however he said that those who made it entered into a “Dunkirk” spirit and had a thoroughly enjoyable time – probably assisted by having to consume 84 servings of mulled wine!! At the end of the meeting several cars had to be dug out of the snow before being able to move and one Brother stayed in a nearby hotel as his home was unreachable”.

Ladies Evening In February

A small committee was formed after the January meeting to organise a Ladies Evening some time in February and possibly to coincide with Valentine Day due on Sunday, February 15th. Time has caught up with us so W Bro McElrath and I decided to pull one out of the box and suggest the following:

That we take our ladies to the Shangri La Resort on Yanuca Island next weekend.

We check in on Saturday afternoon (Feb 13th), say at 12 noon, followed by golf, dart and beach competition starting at 2pm. Competition closes at 6.30pm with best and worst performers identified. Dinner follows at 8 pm and prize-giving with winners and losers named and shamed. Valentine b/fast on Sunday, Feb 14th and check out at 11am.

Room is $199.00 for a couple with a free full American b/fast on Sunday morning. Special buffet dinner at the Lagoon Terrace on Saturday evening for $58.00 per person. This advice is coming a little late and we will understand if there are not too many takers. If this happens we will reschedule the event for another at the same resort and possibly for the same price range.








Website Restructured

Our website has recently been restructured and will enable us to more easily change its content without the need to have a degree in IT to do the work. Last Saturday, two geeks from Avonsys, the company which did the work gave me a basic lesson on how to make changes in the content of our site. The lesson was not too difficult but I had a grandson who recently gained his degree in IT with me in case I forgot the “forgot” the procedures.

The new set up will also enable us to monitor activity in our website and allow us to find out on a daily or monthly basis how many people are viewing its content. A regular report will be prepared for your information.

W Bro Sitiveni