Lodge of Fiji

Lodge of Fiji – 1931 EC

lodge of fiji

The Lodge of Fiji has operated without interruption since it received its warrant from the United Grand Lodge of England on the 12th of July 1881. The history of the lodge began with the founding of Suva as a city, and it has been an integral part of the life of the capital ever since.

It meets at 7.30 pm on the third Monday of every month and holds its installation meetings on the 4th Saturday in June.

The Lodge of Fiji provides funding for a variety of charitable institutions annually and has contributed to help the needy during natural disasters.

Visitors are encouraged to contact Lodge of Fiji for any further information that you require.

Postal Address: P O Box 154, Suva, Fiji Islands.

Lodge Location: Freemasons Hall, 35 Gladstone Road, Suva. Telephone 679 311 2309

Meeting Schedule

2015 – January 19th, February 16th, March 16th, April 20th, May 18th, and June 28th(Installation Meeting. Meetings held every 3rd Monday of the month except in June. Meetings Jan to May are tiled at 7.30 pm. June meeting Tiled at 12 Noon for normal business and visitors admitted at 5 pm.

Officers -June 28th, 2014 to June 27th, 2015

WM W Bro Mark Hirst
W Bro R Foreman(SW), Bro A Naigulevu(JW), VW Bro R McDonald(Treasurer) GI, W Bro W Aull(Chaplain), W Bro S Yaqona(Secretary/Lodge Mentor), W Bro D Bruce(IPM/Almoner), W Bro A Smith(SD), Bro K Raju(JD/Charity Steward), Bro S Angus(IG), W Bro R Smith(Tyler)


W Bro Paul Wilisoni, W. Bro Russell Howarth, VW Bro Ray Dunstan, W Bro Paul Ridoutt,  Bro. Govind Maharaj,   W Bro Kim Bentley,Bro Anand Nair,  Bro Juris Gulbis, W Bro Chris Paul, Bro Robin Storck, W Bro Simon Young, Bro August Patterson, Bro William Davis, Bro Tim Ferland, W Bro Geoffrey Ferguson, Bro Carl Bay, Bro Paul Evers, Bro Stephen Angus, Bro Jester Molde,  Bro Carl Cameron, Bro Steve Kingsbury, Bro Don Pickering Jnr, Bro Robert Philips, Bro John Ross, W Bro Marc McElrath, Bro Michael Benefield.