Cabletow Issue No. 5

CABLETOW                         ISSUE NO.5                          SEPTEMBER, 2010

1. NZ Visit.

I have been in NZ for just over 4 weeks and now understand while NZers are flocking to Fiji in greater numbers! It’s supposed to be spring right now but in the last three days, I have experienced hail, cold, high velocity winds and rain. And it will be like this for another 2 days or more.

Last week I was invited by W Bro Thomas (Tom to his friends) Cavanaugh to the Installation Meeting of Lodge Tironui No. 400 in the NZ Constitution. The meeting was held in Papakura to Install W Bro Trevor Campton as WM for the 2nd time. Some 70 masons attended almost half of whom were Grand Officers of the UGLof NZ. Most of the others were PMs like me and only a sprinkling of MM.

Most of us who were present were 65 or over. Tom himself is 81 and W Bro Reece Rogers, whom we picked up on our way to Papakura, is a sprightly individual of 94!

Two of the brethren whom I met at the meeting had worked in Fiji – W Bro Trevor Gilbert( Shorty) was in the FMF from 1978 to 1980, played for the FMF 1st 15 and also for Rewa; and W Bro Ron Clark who worked with the BNZ bank in Labasa and Suva at about the same time. Ron was a member of Lodge of Fiji where he was passed and raised and was in Suva for our ’82 Centenary celebrations – the same year I was initiated.

2.  Festive Board

The Ceremony in the South was a spirited affair but managed with a firm hand by the DC.The toast to the Visitors only required one response and none of the visiting brethren were asked to reply to the toast. The supper consisted of a selection of sandwiches, meat pies and sausage rolls, assorted cakes and sweet pies. Drinks including wine and beer were pre-served on the tables and there was more than enough for a celebratory evening. Prior to the  meal, brethren were served with a tot of good scotch in the ante room !

The ceremony took about two hours from start to finish and everyone rolled out of the hall in a warm and sated condition for home. Definitely something that we in Lodge of Fiji could take a leaf from in terms of our own celebrations in the South, I dare say.

3. Internet Lodge

As usual I was going through the United Grand Lodge of England website and picked up news about the Internet Lodge and its workings. First of all, they operate with the blessing of UGLE and under its constitution. Most of their meetings are held via the internet ( I have yet to determine how this is done) but they have three designated “actual meetings” in England annually. They have over 160 members from some 20 countries.

Any craft member can join provided he has been raised in a Lodge registered under the UGLE. Could be worth our effort to ask them to consider holding an “out of country” meeting in Fiji !

4. Enthusiastic Entered Apprentice

One of the youngest members to be initiated in our Lodge is Bro Andrew Naigulevu who was initiated in August. As his official mentor, some of the first things I advised him for September was to make sure he was at our rehearsal, be punctual at the meeting and be ready at hand to assist the JW in the south during supper. He more than fulfilled these duties and indeed turned up at the rehearsal, four days before the meeting in full gear – black sulu and coat and bow tie, with sandals of course! What’s a rehearsal without the proper accoutrement!

Brother Naiguevu has also made his first obligatory visit to a meeting of Lodge Polynesia where he was overcome ( almost literally) with supping their “Loving Cup” !

5. Members CV Needed

I have waited in vain to get the CV of more of our members. Please remember that this exercise is meant to let members know more about you and what you do. A few members have declined to give me their CV and I respect their decision. So, if you already have a CV compiled, please send it to me for publication in our Cabletow. And in the absence of any from our own members I will take the liberty of giving you one of W Bro Cavanaugh who took me to the Installation meeting of Lodge Tironui. Here is his story:

Thomas Patrick Percival Cavanaugh:(Tom) to his friends & neighbours
81 years, Bn 10.3.1929 in Co. Carlow in Southern Ireland near a village of Kildavin.
Married to Helen – four children and three grandchildren and another grandchild due shortly.

As a youth left Ireland and joined the BAF, serving in Palestine Egypt the Gulf and Malaya.  At the ripe old age of 21 he left the BAF having served 3 and half years.
His next stint was in Malaya as a Rubber and Palm Oil Estate Manager in 1950, Bukit Jelutong,  Midlands and Highlands Estates. His control covered clearing, replanting and control of estate personnel.

He was in Malaya during the Communist insurgency where he met and played against members of the FMF including Josefa Levula (winger) and Isimell Radroro (forward in the army pack as well as the Regiment’s heavyweight champion. “They were tremendous sportsmen”, he said, “splendid soldiers and were superb soldiers in the jungle as in dealing with people who passed through the many security road blocks which were necessary in those days. They were admired and respected by all sections of society”.

In 1957 after a spot of leave in the UK Tom took a cruise to New Zealand, via Cape Town, Durban, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and ended up at Wellington.  He took a temporary job as Herd Improvement Officer, (now known as Livestock improvement).  He stayed with them for five years! During that time he met his wife who was a country school teacher, at a social gathering and decided then he had found a lifelong partner and a new home. Tom and Helen were married in 1960.Their Golden Wedding Anniversary is next month.

Tom was initiated into Lodge United Waiuku No 90 in April 1969, passed in March 1970 and raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason in August of the same year. It was several more years before he became Master of the Lodge because he had to tend to work and raise a young family. His Lodge is a very old one having been established in 1893 and amalgamated with Lodge Pearce IC in 1903.
His contribution to Masonry was recognised by the grand lodge of New Zealand by being accorded the rank of Past Grand Standard bearer and later elevated to Past Grand Director of Ceremonies.

Although well past that biblical age of three score years and 10 his passion for the Craft continues and no doubt further fuelled by his eldest son Lloyd joining Freemasonry in 2007 and now a JD in his mother lodge. At present the lodge is considering amalgamating with another lodge in the District..
Tom has been Secretary of his Lodge for almost 18 years, Treasurer for 4 and was Auditor for many years before taking on the job of Secretary”.
He sees the internet and its implications on the Craft as a challenge as well as an opportunity. “We can avoid the path of the dinosaurs by coming to grips with the internet and using this means of communication to spread our message and attract young members to our fold”.

Apart from his involvement with United Waiuku lodge he is also a member of the Unanimity Cryptic Council, the Franklin Rose Croix, South Auckland preceptor of Knights Templar and Council of Allied Degree. He has held the Masters chair in all of these orders.
His Lodge is very much involved in charity with regular contributions to such well known charities as Camp Quality, Institute for the Blind, Heart Foundation and Helicopter rescue. The lodge also takes on a major project from time to time in the community.
Tom is ably and enthusiastically supported by his wife Helen whose diminutive presence belies a firm resolve and the organised mind of a former teacher.

W Bro Sitiveni Yaqona.